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PAW Prayer Call (Saturdays): 8:00 am

(712) 832-8330 or (717) 275-8940

Access Code: 3866159


April 2nd: 11:00 am / 8:00 pm

PAW Good Friday - Morning/Evening Worship

www.pawinc.org | Facebook/Youtube: PAWMinistry


April 11th: 7:00 pm

PAW Usher Board Panel

Streaming Live: Facebook/Youtube: PAW IUB


April 22nd - 23rd

PAW I.M.C.W.A. Spring Conference

Registration is now Open: www.imcwa.pawinc.org

Facebook: imcwawomen-PAW


July 22nd - 24th:

DC, DE, and MD District Council (Virtual)


July 28th - 31st:

PAW National Convention

Registration is now Open: www.pawinc.org


NOVEMBER 18th - 20th:

DC, DE, and MD District Council