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Dr Turner And they continued...

We Fear Not All II Timothy 1:7 The Lord Jesus has given us of His great strength, ability and power of authority. His grace, loving kindness, favor and goodwill rests richly with in us. The bible is the living word of God, and it proves that Jesus exist and he is the seed to our faith and hope. So we can have confidence that Jesus preserves and up hold all that stand in and on Holy truths.

Saints in Godís word, we should understand, know its purpose and be faithful to it even now in these end times. Errors and teaches of error are arising fast, now men and women are copying, translating or printing the scriptures but the Lord Jesus has kept his word to preserve his truth for all times.

The accuracy of all scriptures is to be safeguarded within all of us. Power and authority is given to us by the holy scriptures. Since Jesus Christ existed and is God, his word must also exist in us. The bible which is the word of God is inspired by Jesus Christ himself.

Holy men wrote as the holy ghost moved them to do so according to II Peter 1:21 so that we can remain holy in these end times or last days. Jesus is faithful to us always, so let us stand up and fear not.