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Executive Board Officers
  • Diocesan - Bishop Earnest L. Pendleton
  • Chairman - District Elder Dr. LaMont Turner
  • Vice Chairman - Suffragan Bishop Marvin Jenkins
  • General Secretary - Minister Eva Taylor
  • Assistant General Secretary - Minister Vincent Oliver
  • Treasurer - Sister Jacquelyn Shaw
  • Assistant Treasurer - Suffragan Bishop Samuel Brisco
  • Financial Secretary - Elder George Twilley, Jr.
  • Assistant Financial Secretary - Sister Natalie Peterson
  • Council Coordinator - District Elder George Twilley, Sr
  • Parliamentarian - Suffragan Bishop Clarence Barnes

Council Auxiliaries
  • Brotherhood - Elder Anthony Gerald
  • Christian Education Dr. Brandon Jones
  • Ministers and Deacon Wives - First Lady Gwendolyn Jenkins
  • Woman, Missionaries and Christian Workers - Evangelist Carol Williams
  • Usher Board - Sister Jacquelyn Shaw
  • Young People - Elder George Twilley, Jr.
  • Minister of Music - Brother Douglas Barton
  • Director of Outreach - District Elder Michael Barber

Region I: Suff. Bishop Coleman: District Elder Barber & District Elder Twilley
  • Grace Apostolic Church - Bishop Earnest L. Pendleton
  • Bibleway Temple Apostolic Church - Pastor Louise Turner
  • The Outpouring Worship and Life Center - Elder Alan Burroughs
  • Dominion Apostolic Ministries - District Elder Michael Barber
  • Cristo Templo (Christ Temple) - Elder Alex Duran, Sr
  • Faith, Hope and Charity Ministries - District Elder George Twilley, Sr
  • True Apostolic Church & Youth World Ministries Center - Elder James Plummer, Sr

Region II: Suff. Bishop Barnes: District Elder Dr. Turner
  • Life Celebration Center - Bishop Dr. Michael Hannah, Sr.
  • Apostolic Bible Study - Suffragan Bishop Arthur Coleman
  • Apostolic Community Fellowship - Suffragan Bishop Dr. Hurbert Adams
  • Highway Christian Church Apostolic - Pastor Dennis Carver

Region III: Suff. Bishop Adams: District Elder King
  • Dominion Apostolic Ministries Annapolis - District Elder Michael Barber
  • Pentecostal Temple Church - Suffragan Bishop Samuel Brisco
  • Second Chance of Life and Hope Church - Pastor Willie T. Bullock
  • Whole Counsel of God Ministries - Suffragan Bishop Marvin Jenkins

Region IV: Suff. Bishop Jenkins: Suffragan Bishop Brisco
  • Calvary Temple - Elder David Peterson
  • Highway Holiness Church - Suffragan Bishop Clarence Barnes
  • Zion Temple Apostolic Church - Dr. LaMont Turner

Church Roster